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Tobacco Science
and Technology

Tobacco Science
and Technology

Tobacco Science and Technology

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Tobacco Science and Technology

Tobacco Science and Technology is a peer reviewed journal since 2013 up to now. The journal is monthly publishing journal.The main scope of Tobacco Science and Technology) is Agricultural engineering/Agricultural science, Biological Engineering/ Biological science, bio-chemistry, chemistry, public health, pharmaceutical science and so on. Our journal welcome original papers from everywhere in the world. Lizi Jiaohuan Yu Xifu/Ion Exchange and Adsorption Fa yi xue za zhi

Volume 57 , Issue 04

25 Apr 2024



Volume - 57 , Issue 04

30 Apr 2024



Tobacco Science and Technology

Agricultural engineering
Agricultural science
Biological Engineering
Biological science
public health
pharmaceutical science

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Tobacco Science and Technology

Effects of cigarette circumference and filter ventilation rate on releases of alkaline aroma components in mainstream cigarette smoke

In order to study the effect of circumference and filter ventilation rate on the release of alkaline flavor components in cigarette mainstream smoke, CH2Cl2 extraction and GC/MS analysis were used to measure the mainstream smoke of cigarette samples with different circumference and filter ventilation. The release amount of 21 kinds of basic flavor components in tobacco. The results showed that: The various basic flavor components and the total amount of basic flavor components released per gram of shredded tobacco showed an increasing trend with the increase of the circumference of the ciga

Counting method for filter rods based on Canny operator

In order to improve the accuracy of image edge detection, this paper studies the adaptive image edge detection technology based on discrete algorithm and classical Canny operator. First, the traditional sub-pixel edge detection method is illustrated based on the related literature research. Then, Canny operator is used for detection, the edge model of the quadric curve is established using discrete data, and the adaptive image edge parameters are obtained using one-dimensional gray moment. Experimental results show that the accuracy of feature detection is 99%, which can be applied to the p