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[This article belongs to Volume - 57, Issue - 05]

Abstract : This study aims to investigate the floristic composition of three natural wetland areas within the Souk Ahras region, namely the Madjen Bouhsane marsh, Madjen Djedj marsh, and Mekeimen marsh. We have employed multivariate diversity indices to distinguish various vegetation groups and establish connections among different vegetation types within the study area. A total of 68 plant species, categorized into 25 families, were documented during the inventory process. Notably, the Asteraceae family exhibits the highest taxonomic diversity, while the prevailing biological types include hemicryptophytes and therophytes. Several diversity indices, including species richness, relative abundance, Simpson's index, Shannon diversity index, evenness index, and sociability index, were calculated to assess the ecological characteristics of these wetlands. Furthermore, Correspondence Analysis (CA) enabled us to identify four distinct grouping patterns within the studied plant community, contributing valuable insights into the ecological dynamics of the area.