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[This article belongs to Volume - 57, Issue - 05]

Abstract : The European otter, Lutra lutra, is a species protected by national and international legislation. However, little is known about its ecology and distribution in Algeria, particularly in terms of its sensitivity to the degradation of aquatic environments. It, therefore, seemed appropriate, given the evolution of the environment and the changes it is undergoing (drought, dam construction, pollution, anthropic pressure), to take stock of the status of this species and its distribution in one of the main rivers in the Souk Ahras region, the Oued Medjerda. The technique used consisted of prospecting the length of this watercourse and its main tributaries from February 2018 to May 2018 in search of signs of presence. The results show that the otter is present in almost all of the Oued Medjerda, with twenty-four (24) stations being positive, its presence being much more significant in the eastern sector than in the western sector of the Medjerda. The stretch of this watercourse located in the locality of Sidi El Hmissi recorded the highest number of stations (77%) where the species is present, and it was in this locality that the highest number of individuals was noted, with four (04) individuals recorded at a single station.