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[This article belongs to Volume - 56, Issue - 07]

Abstract : Water resources are developed either to use or to control groundwater and surface water flows. A developmental activity for the use of water comprises studying the availability of and demand for water and contemplating project that can meet the expected needs from available supplies by means of engineering works and scientific work. The tamalous basin, on the middle course of Guebli River), is the largest of the basins internal elements of the Kabyle base. Forming a triangle of around ten kilometers on each side, it is closed to the north by Djebel Guern Aicha which culminates at 561m and which dominates by a large escarpment of 250 m commanding and direction north-southeast. this environment is relatively closed, which can only be accessed through narrow valleys our study is based on monitoring the spatio-temporal evolution of surface water pollution in Oued guebli crossing the tamalous plain by industrial and domestic discharges. For to be able to confront this work with these scientific findings, it is imperative to confront the choice precise points for years in order to allow a connection with the hazard. The results obtained on the physico-chemical parameters of 15points of surface water, show that is affected by a strong pollution. These waters are classified as acceptable to non-acceptable with values between 700 mg/l and 1900 mg/l. This region is part of the coastal areas of North East Algeria, with agricultural vocation, hence the need for irrigation in the face of the hazards of climate change, especially in the summer season. This study aims to provide a basic understanding of all quantitative elements involved in the formulation of surface water pollution.and monitor the quality of surface water in the Tamalous plain and try to find adequate solutions using sampling companions for many years.