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[This article belongs to Volume - 56, Issue - 02]

Abstract : The soil is an essential resource for life, it is a living environment that houses almost all living beings; unfortunately pollution especially industrial has degraded the latter and therefore it generates a risk for our health and our food security as well as for our environment.In this context this research was directed towards the study of the agricultural grounds of the commune of El Bouni, willaya of Annaba, which are affected by the rejections of the dairy of Edough which diverse these rejections just near these grounds, of which we carried out several physicochemical parameters to diagnose and cleared the quality of these agricultural grounds and the impact of the latter on the microfauna of these grounds. To this end this study has shown that this dairy has greatly degraded the quality of agricultural land in the town of El Bouni, by various pollutants and toxic effluents, which these soils have become less fertile and months and thus the yield and harvest becomes meager and with poor quality. In this situation the prevention of the pollution of the grounds should be a capital priority, with the prohibition of variously no industrial rejection without a preliminary treatment not to damage the environment and their biodiversity.