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[This article belongs to Volume - 56, Issue - 01]

Abstract : A fire is a disaster for the ecosystem and therefore affects and disrupts the functioning of the latter as well as the environment in general. Each year, the North of Algeria is affected by forest fires, but this phenomenon is accentuated from year to year under the effect of climate change. This increases the likelihood of heat waves, droughts, and, by extension, fires. The 2021 and 2022 forest fires in Algeria are a series of fires that take place in July and August in the North of Algeria, causing environmental damage (degradation of ecosystems) and even the deaths of human beings and wildlife that lives in these forests. To this end, we directed our research towards the impact of fires in the Edough forest (Séraidi) on the soils of the plain of Oued El Aneb (far North of Algeria), where the latter is also affected by these fires. A physico-chemical study of the soils of this plain was carried out to determine the current state of the quality and fertility of these soils, and it was found that the agricultural land of this plain is degraded by the factor of fire. So, it is imperative to fight against this phenomenon, which threatens the lives of living beings as well as their environment, and to preserve our biodiversity.