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[This article belongs to Volume - 56, Issue - 09]

Abstract : In 2018, Carabids communities were investigated in an Aleppo pine area and Atlas cedar forests habitats of the Chrea National Park (Blida, Algeria), according to an altitudinal gradient of biodiversity. Carabids communities were collected monthly for one year using pitfall traps. In total, 208 individuals of ground beetles representing 18 species essentially carnivorous predators and valuable auxiliaries were captured. The harvested species belong to three groups and is divided between five families, whose Pterostichidae count nine species. The Aleppo pine site was the most diversified site with 15 different species of carabids. The centesimal frequencies of carabids captured vary from a station with another. The distribution of species of carabids is done in an altitudinal way linked with the composition of the vegetation of the site and their fluctuations depend on several environmental parameters.