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[This article belongs to Volume - 56, Issue - 02]

Abstract : The soil is the star of our planet. It feeds us, carries us, and protects us. Soil is an essential resource for man and his environment and one of the most important reservoirs of biodiversity. However, it is not a renewable resource on a human timescale. Unfortunately, it is subject to numerous anthropogenic stresses that degrade its physicochemical properties and can lead to the loss of essential functions. Among these anthropogenic stresses, household waste affects soil microorganisms and their quality. Thus, our study is directed at the effect of household waste on the soil fauna and soil quality in the case of agricultural land in the Wilaya of Guelma (Algeria), where we took 21 soil samples polluted by these wastes. We measured some physicochemical parameters on these soils to determine the degree of existing pollution and its effects on the quality of agricultural land in the Wilaya of Guelma (northeast Algeria) and the latter's impact on the biological functioning of the soil fauna. The results of this research reveal that the agricultural land in this study area is seriously degraded by pollution (household waste), which has negatively influenced the biological activity of the pedofauna and has disturbed their functioning. Therefore, it is recommended to control this pollution and monitor the disposal of all household waste that has contaminated our ecosystem and degraded our environment.