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[This article belongs to Volume - 54, Issue - 7]

Abstract :

In order to realize the effective monitoring and early warning of potato virus Y (PVY) disease by means of spectral analysis, the spectral data of infected tobacco leaves with different severities were obtained by using ASD non-imaging spectrometer. increased, the spectral reflectance of leaves showed a gradually increasing trend in the visible light band (400-700 nm), and a gradually decreasing trend in the near-infrared band (700-1300 nm). The severity of Y virus disease was significantly correlated with the wavelength, and based on the spectral reflectance of the sensitive wavelengths 453, 518, 572, 708 and 775 nm, a stepwise regression diagnosis model of disease severity was established, and the coefficient of determination (R2) of the model validation was 0.67, both The root square error (RMSE) was 1.97, and the prediction accuracy was 83.84%. Therefore, there were significant differences in the spectral reflectance of tobacco with different severities in specific bands after infection by tobacco potato virus Y disease, and the prediction model was established by stepwise regression method It can realize the diagnosis of the severity of potato virus Y disease.