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[This article belongs to Volume - 54, Issue - 10]

Abstract :

In order to explore a rapid and accurate method suitable for the detection of Bacillus cereus in cigar leaves, the performances of the COMPASS chromogenic medium method (COMPASS method) and ISO 7932 were compared. The results showed that: The standard strain was used The properties of COMPASS chromogenic medium and ISO 7932 method using mannitol egg yolk polymyxin agar (MYP) medium were respectively verified with quantitative quality control strains. The specificity and selectivity of COMPASS chromogenic medium were better, and the sensitivity was comparable to ISO The 7932 method was comparable. There was no significant difference between the two methods in the detection of Bacillus cereus in artificially polluted samples and natural samples (P>0.05), while the COMPASS method was simple to operate, with a shorter detection period and higher accuracy. 24 cigars The detection rate of Bacillus cereus in tobacco leaf samples was 83.3%, and the detection amount was less than 1×105 CFU/g. Therefore, the COMPASS method is superior to the ISO 7932 method, and can effectively reduce the interference of non-target Bacillus in actual samples. Rapid detection of Bacillus cereus in cigar tobacco leaves.