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[This article belongs to Volume - 53, Issue - 8]

Abstract :

This study employs the EIQ analysis approach to quantitatively examine the real order data of the cigarette distribution center in an effort to further increase the efficiency of cigarette sorting and distribution. To further increase the accuracy and efficiency of sorting labor, a sorting system based on QR code information and an accurate identification algorithm is proposed with the use of statistical data and the associated planning scheme. According to the system simulation findings, the sorting efficiency of the system’s sorting line is 18570 pieces per hour. However, by adding packing equipment, the efficiency of the system can be raised by 61.55 percent and can reach 30000 pieces per hour. Additionally, it confirms the viability of the system design. The two-dimensional code’ properties determine which global threshold method the binarization algorithm chooses. The two-dimensional code’ coding principle is investigated, and a two-dimensional code decoding algorithm is developed. The results of the experiment indicate that the decoding algorithm can fulfill these requirements.