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[This article belongs to Volume - 54, Issue - 11]

Abstract :

In order to solve the problem of waste of tobacco leaves caused by excessive tobacco leaves adhering in the tobacco baskets after turning over and dumping materials in the vacuum resurfacing section of the silk production line, an automatic cleaning robot for tobacco baskets was designed, which consisted of a six-axis manipulator, a visual inspection system and a cleaning device. .Sine function is used to improve the S-shaped curve trajectory planning to ensure the smooth movement of the six-axis manipulator, avoiding vibration and impact of the cleaning robot; using the visual inspection system to binarize the tobacco leaf image in the cigarette basket and divide the area BLOB (Binary Large Object) After analysis and data integration and formatting, it is used to control the cleaning trajectory of the manipulator; the cleaning device uses brushes and compressed air to clean and blow, and the size and selection of brushes are optimized by designing an orthogonal test. Taking Anyang Cigarette Factory "Golden Ye (hard red flag canal)" tobacco leaves were tested on the automatic cleaning robot, and the results showed that compared with the manual cleaning method, the annual loss of tobacco leaves could be reduced by about 20,000 kg after using the cleaning robot, and the cost of raw materials and labor was saved by about 1.154 million yuan. This technology can provide support for reducing the loss of silk-making wire tobacco leaves.