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[This article belongs to Volume - 56, Issue - 03]

Abstract : Algeria in particular is home to the resinous Atlas cedar (Cedrus atlantica). It covers a huge region and is currently dealing with dieback, a widespread issue. The latter is brought on by either abiotic or biotic causes, or both at once. The goal of the present study is to catalogue and identify xylophagous insects, in this case beetles, in two research locations, the forest of Boutaleb and the forest of Ouled Tebben, which are related to the decline of the Atlas cedar (Cedrus atlantica). Both sites are situated in the Setif's southern region (north-eastern Algeria). Seven families of xylophagous and xylo-mycetophagous beetles representing, eleven (11) species from the Scolytidae, Ciidae, Trogossitidae, Elateridae, Buprestidae, Termitidae, and Sphindidae families, were collected. Findings of this study indicated that among the various species recorded found, the Scolytus intricatus, a species mainly in oak groves, was discovered for the first time on the atlas cedar in both Ouled Tebben and Boutaleb forests.