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[This article belongs to Volume - 57, Issue - 05]

Abstract : Sars CoV 2 acute respiratory disease is an infectious respiratory illness caused by the Sars CoV 2 virus belonging to the Coronaviridae family. A pandemic is always present in addition to causing pneumonia, Sars CoV 2 can induce direct damage to the heart, causing myocarditis, with significant impairment of cardiac contractility, and/or pericarditis. Elderly patients and those with cardiovascular risk factors, such as diabetes mellitus, pre-existing heart disease and hypertension, are at increased risk of Covid19 related cardiac complications. All information was gathered from patients' medical records held in the archives of the Covid 19 department at the Ibn Rochd Public Hospital of Souk Ahras, Algeria. In this study, we focused on the relationship between Covid 19 infection and cardiac troponin I variation, and their importance in the diagnosis of acute heart failure in Covid 19 patients with at least one risk factor. The results show a significant increase in cardiac troponin I in patients with at least one risk factor, such as advanced age, pre-existing heart disease, and other comorbidities (cancer, renal failure, liver cirrhosis, asthma, pregnancy). On the other hand, we noted a non-significant relationship between troponin I and arterial hypertension and diabetes in interaction with the evolution of the patient's condition. This suggests that arterial hypertension alone has no influence on the patient's condition, except in the elderly, or in interaction with other risk factors.